an amazing result

After 3 n a bit weeks of waiting…I saw the surgeon today …and he was so happy…all the results were positive…it hadn’t spread to any of the 20 odd lymph nodes they tested…and there was a clear margin around the samples removed of no cancer at the edges…he said it was the best possible outcome anyone could hope for….happy days πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ˜

I will go back for chemo just as a belt n braces approach …make sure it doesn’t come back…

I then asked a prognosis…he said very hard to say but best case for people in the past was an average 5 years but mine was the better way of doing it… with chemo first then OP he’d assume I’d get more than 5 years…possibly a lot more…
I’ll take that 😁

It’s odd …and it hasn’t quite sunk in …that this is nearly over …doesn’t seem quite real as yet …but I have the go ahead to start doing a bit more after my OP…and as I start to feel better after the OP it will help to make it all feel real ..

chemo can’t restart til 6 to 10 weeks post op…so still got a bit more of that to face …but there’s a damn sight brighter light at the end of the tunnel now πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ‘

An eventful …and at times painful …week….

hard to think that this time a week ago I was in recovery wondering why it felt like I’d be run over by a bus….and this week…I’m home back in my own bed having had major abdominal surgery…

surgery was 10 hours long…and I was 2/3 hours in recovery afterwards…followed by a day and a half in the Surgical High Dependency Unit…then on to E8 in Southampton General…for a painful few days of getting me more mobile and back on my feet …the staff were amazing in all departments and its thanks to them I’m home so early .

Now I’ve 2 weeks to wait until I see the surgeon and get the results from the OP…the OP was a success…in as much as they’ve done all they physically could to get the tumour…but the contrary bastard had entwined itself well around the main vein so it took some unpicking …only lab results will have final say in if I still need more treatment when the wounds have healed…or if this is the end of it …so it’s still fingers crossed ….and it’s still…hurry n wait for the results …but whatever the outcome I’ve now got a fighting chance 🀞🀞🀞

Countdown almost over….

well…its here…last night in my own bed for a bit ….

get admitted tomorrow afternoon for my whipple (OP) on Monday …not sure if I’ll have access to here via free wifi so not sure when I’ll be next writing in here…here’s hoping it all goes well and I’m on my way home and well on the mend by the end of the 8 days they’ve told me is the best potential outcome…

🀞🀞🀞fingers crossed no complications…infections…or bleeds….

see you on the other side….xxx

a week to go ….

…hadn’t meant to leave it quite so long between posts…and it’s been an interesting time….

after my CPET test they found I was not fit enough for the OP…so I was sent home with strict instructions to get as fit as possible…and shortly after I got the date for my OP…which gave me a few more weeks to build up my fitness….

my personal tormentor (trainer) ..Sam …has not once forgotten to push me to do my exercises….which I’ve done with varying degrees of willingness depending on how much my joints were hurting…but he was right to push me…and I feel both stronger n fitter…not back to pre poorly levels but a damn site better than I was even a month ago ….

now I have a week give or take a day to the OP.. a week tomorrow I get admitted…for the OP Mon 25th Feb….I’m wanting it to happen cos without it I have no chance of a full recovery …but the length and type of OP is daunting…and I’m frightened of the possible pain levels afterwards…tho pre surgery school did reassure me a little that I should be able to have enough pain killers to keep it under control ….time will tell x


Fri…out n about…n more news….

Got to get fitter so met up with Sue who dragged me round Lee on Solent…bought me tea n crumpets to recover…then walked with me along the sea front encouraging me to just go a bit further…thank you x

Home to my personal tormentor (trainer) who made me walk up n down the stairs 4 times ….then finally I got to put my feet up lol

Dr Arshad rang (the surgeon) to tell me he’d spoken to the anaesthetist and he wasn’t as concerned as she was cos he’d met me before and knew how determined I was….I assured him I had started my get fitter campaign and he reassured me I’d be absolutely fine😁

He did say op more likely 3rd week of Feb…give chemo chance to get completely out of my system and got me to get more time to get fitter …potentially op might be 21st or 22nd …still don’t know for sure and still don’t know if IORT will happenΒ  or not …(interoperative radiotherapy) just got to keep fingers crossed 🀞🀞🀞

Op update….

latest news….
had my fitness test for op on Monday…and my pre op…Wednesday…
was okay…ish …after 5 months of chemo my fitness levels aren’t good enough and I’m an increased risk for post operative complications and recovery….but the op can still go ahead …which is good cos without it I have months…with it…. an extra few years hopefully…so I have the days between now n the op to get fitter…anaesthetist said even small gains will be something
op date still not known …still between 1st n mid Feb …so not much time x

basically I have about 10 to 14 days to try n restore 5 months of chemo damage…doc said any improvement is better than none lol

going to be an interesting few days lol

First test day…

Today was my first test to see if I’m fit for the op…the Cardio Pulmonary test…first my lung capacity…passes with flying colours…better than average for my age n weight😁😁😁 all good x

Then my cardio bit…wired up …mask on ….n riding a static bike…

knees gave out before my lungs but heart rate was high to start…n remained on high side….tho it increased proportionately which was a positive…anyway…might need something to regulate heart rate…I suspect its possibly linked to the ongoing probe I had with chemo stripping me out if potassium and magnesium…that caused my heart to race several times…blood tests on Wed will hopefully get to bottom if it and it wont..🀞🀞🀞…prevent me getting the OP…time will tell 🀞🀞🀞



A lovely weekend…

with lots of time to catch up with one of my closest friends…Beasie…who came down from Gainsborough for the weekend…just to see me …😁😁😁

Wasnt an action packed weekend but we met up for most of the day and evening on Saturday …and she popped in this morning for an hour before she set off back on the track north …was so good to see her ..

she was worried she’d tired me out…I think she boosted my energy πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ love yah Miss n hopefully I’ll be fit enough to come n see you again soon xxx🀞🀞🀞

good days n not so good days…

Had a reasonable day Wednesday…out for lunch with Dianne (didn’t eat a lot but did manage a bit of salad) Walked a lot more than normal so that was a bonus…tho was knackered n hips n knees were aching …

Thursday was a stay at home day ..after my appointment with the diabetic nurse and a quick trip to Tescos for some food shopping ….still not eaten a lot .

Today…Friday …eaten better n felt more chirpy…definitely helped by Beasie arriving to see me …shes staying at an Airbnb in will see her in the morning xxx


little by little…I feel a little better…

…though I’m still worried about the cardio fitness test on Monday ..I guess what will be…will be…cos there really isn’t a lot I can do in 6 days that’s going to make much difference. ..🀞🀞🀞

done a bit more today…eaten a bit more…and I’ve planned a day out with Dianne for tomorrow…so will definitely do more tomorrow 🀞🀞🀞